The WET-CASE® System is designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA to provide several advantages for the artist painting on stretched canvas.

One WET-CASE® Canvas Carrier and set of WET-CASE® Clamps working together allows you to:

Paint freely to ALL 4 Edges of your canvas on any easel - no bumping into easel brackets with your brush.

Handle your paintings confidently without smudging the paint - even at the edges of the canvas.

Carry TWO DIFFERENT SIZE paintings in one Carrier, each up to 12"x16" - with no adjustments or accessories needed.

Protect your paintings from unwanted debris and accidental damage - in two individual, completely enclosed compartments.

Enjoy Plein Air painting, local paint-outs, group workshops and classes, on-location painting and even painting in your own studio - without the hassle commonly associated with painting on stretched canvas.

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Now you can easily HANDLE, CARRY, and PROTECT your wet paintings on stretched canvas... without the hassle of smudged paint, unwanted debris or accidental damage.