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The WET-CASE® Wet Canvas Carrying System consists of six WET-CASE® Clamps and one WET-CASE® Canvas Carrier.

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Before you paint, attach 3 Clamps to the stretcher bars - 2 at the Bottom and 1 at the Top.

Use any size stretched canvas up to 12"x16"

Place canvas on any easel - the 2 padded screw heads sit in the bottom easel bracket and the 1 is held by the top bracket - or secured with a twist tie if there is no lip on the bracket.

Paint freely to ALL 4 Edges of your canvas on any easel - no bumping into easel brackets with your brush.

Handle your paintings confidently without smudging the paint - even at the edges of the canvas.

The WET-CASE® Clamps
The WET-CASE® Canvas Carrier